Oh yeah.

All the time, I’ll think of things to rant about on here, but I can’t cause I’m not on & so I just mentally bottle up all these words & thoughts until I’m about to explode, & by the time I get on, I’ll have forgotten about everything already.

Anyway, I just remembered something I wanted to say. To no one in particular & if you’re reading this, I’m sorry for wasting your time lol. If you follow me, you should know by now that I put these pointless posts under a ‘read more’ for a reason hahah.

Some people. I just don’t even know what to say. Like I’ll see something that they do, & it’s so stupid that I just laugh. At the same time, it pisses me off, but it’s like whatever, they’re their own person. So say what you like. I may still care, but not much. I’m moving on to bigger & better things while you backtrack through the old & used & not-even-cute-at-all. But then while I’m mentally hashing through this, I’ll think of something/someone else that pisses me off in the same way, but about something else. & I realize that these words are so vague & pretty much meaningless, but I see faces/things when I’m thinking/typing them.

Why are people so stupid? Like I can not even comprehend the level you are on right now. 

/end rambling