hi, just fyi, outsideshots.tumblr.com


If you don’t weigh as much as 20 of my butts, you can get out of my fucking life

if you want my new url for some goddamn reason, you can reply to this post or write in my ask.
i won’t be posting here anymore.

goodbye, you fuckers!

waking up hurts.


Take Care (Drake Cover) | Florence + The Machine

practiced replied to your post: of all the people i know who do…

oh, stawp it~~~ (ι ≧w≦)ノ

Everyone’s busy today, so I guess I’ll go back to sleep until someone wants to hang out with me.

Driving to Manassas was scary as fuck last night.

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watching phantom of the opera for the umpteenth time
this movie always makes me feel better
also, i love the soundtrack (& i love musicals in general)

Dance, Dance // String Quartet Tribute to Fall Out Boy

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